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Customer Case : Citymesh

From local to international telecom specialist with Odoo ERP

We are welcomed with a smile at Citymesh, an ambitious company that manages to grow at the speed of light. Thanks to their fresh insights, passion for telecom and experimental daring, they succees to differentiate themselves within their market and shortly break through the belgian borders.

After 15 years, Citymesh has grown to a progressive company that's in a continuous state of change, one of the main reasons why it's crucial to dispose of business applications that can grow with them. A sotry which fits Odoo Enterprise perfectly, so it seems.

Connection in every sense 

Before the arrival of Odoo, every department at Citymesh worked with their own separate software. Therefore, processes weren't linked one another and there was no connection between departments.

Citymesh was already thinking about implementing a central platform for a while. They tested several ERP systems, but none of them seemed to be successfull so they stopped the journey.

When Odoo came into their sight, Accomodata was invited to present the concepts and elaborate a case study. This case studie mapped the core processes perfectly, which led to an implementation of Odoo Enterprise by Accomodata.

The implementation was devided into multiple phases, according to the needs of the company, where reporting, project follow-up, finance and stock management were a top priority. Afterwards they quickly integrated marketing and HR. Citymesh tries to adapt their management strategy in a way to fully benefit the 'best practice' functionalities of Odoo Enterprise. 

"I think we actively use 90 to 95% of all modules in Odoo," Bart Verbrugghe claims. Another prood that Citymesh doesn't let any opportunity pass by.

Citymesh' limitless ambition in combination with the magic of Odoo and the dedication of Accommodata resulted in a powerfull project.

Futureproof ERP

Today, 4 years after the implementation, they're still lyrical about the traject as well as the continuous evolving possibilities in Odoo.

"Citymesh is a fast growing and fast changing company, which results in strategical decisions that never had been brought to our minds and which change the whole structure of the company", Bart Verbrugghe explains. With Odoo they found a system that evolves perfectly along with their needs and fast changing structure.

It doens't slip their mind that Odoo puts many effort in adjusting their system where needed. For each new version, they explore the market and detect specific needs within companies. That way, they come to valuable extensions and/or adjustments which can only be encouraged.

Het ontgaat Dhr. Verbrugghe tevens niet aan de aandacht dat Odoo er alles aan doet om hun systeem bij te sturen waar nodig. Voor elke nieuwe versie verkent men de markt en detecteert men de noden binnen bedrijven. Zo komen ze tot waardevolle toevoegingen en/of aanpassingen die alleen maar toegejuicht kunnen worden.

Neverending ambition

In just a few years, the company has grown from 30 to 140 employees. This year, with the projects that are already lurking, they aim to reach 200 employees. An objective that is not to be underestimated but which they assume feasible with Odoo on their side.

witymesh is determined to walk the Odoo path and to grow together in all kinds of ways. The strenghts of the Odoo platform are rather obvious to Operations Director Bart Verbrugghe: alle-in-one and the fact that everything is linked to each other.

"Knowing you can serve all departments with just one tool is fantastic" , they mentioned.

Apart from the endless possibilities, Odoo is also applicable within each type of company. The success story of Citymresh, where many chapters certainly will follow, is a conclusive example of this statement.

Facts & figures

Company: Citymesh
Sector: Telecom 
Odoo Enterprise - hosted by Accomodata


 Go live: January 2020