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The optimal software solution for fashion companies: Odoo 4 Fashion promises to redefine the way the fashion industry operates in this digital age, from creation to sales. It offers seamlessly integrated wholesale and retail functions, a user-friendly interface, and is future-ready.  

Fashion producers, wholesalers, and retailers who integrate programs such as design, (pre-order) sales, production, purchasing, logistics, multi-store checkout, inventory, accounting, and webshop into one system are able to respond more quickly to the rapidly changing purchasing behavior of customers..

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Odoo 4 Fashion is an advanced and intuitive software solution, specially designed for fashion companies.​ 

Odoo for Fashion provides an integrated platform that covers a wide range of business needs, including E.R.P. and Finance, item creation and production, eBusiness for b2b & b2c, and multi-store retail..

The all-in-one approach streamlines operations, reduces the need for multiple software solutions, and promotes seamless collaboration between departments. 


Odoo 4 fashion:  an integrated solution for managing the creative process in the fashion industry

Register the details of your collection in depth and track the creation of your collection step by step. It serves as a central hub where designs, prototypes, item data, materials, BOM (bill of materials), size specifications, product sheets, and a supplier portal are managed. This all-in-one solution streamlines the workflow, promotes collaboration, and enhances efficiency for fashion companies.


Odoo 4 Fashion: 
complete control over your 
production process .

The article management system ensures control over product details, while Procurement facilitates the sourcing of materials. 
The Production module streamlines manufacturing processes, while Logistics optimizes the supply chain. The warehouse management capabilities enhance inventory management.


Unify  your physical and digital commerce  with Odoo 4 Fashion.

Odoo 4 Fashion is designed to offer your customers the smoothest purchasing experience across various channels. Whether for B2B, B2C, or retail businesses, we ensure that your customer is at the center and that your business processes are aligned with this focus. 
Your customers will enjoy extremely smooth interaction capabilities with your physical and online store(s), with consistent information displayed everywhere.

Ease of use increases efficiëncy

Odoo for Fashion is renowned for its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Prioritizing ease of use in its design, users can navigate through the software effortlessly, minimizing the learning curve for new users. This accessibility enhances overall user satisfaction and efficiency..

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Exceed the expectations of the customer

Accomodata has gained a lot of experience in implementing Odoo in the fashion industry and retail.

Accomodata has enriched Odoo with various optimizations and specific extensions for the fashion industry. We call this expansion of Odoo, Odoo 4 Fashion.

To take full advantage of omnichannel business opportunities, an omnichannel software solution is essential to stay ahead of the competition in today's changing fashion industry.



Why choosing ODOO 4 FASHION?

Full Integration of Business processes

Odoo 4 Fashion offers a comprehensive suite of modules for item creation, order processing, inventory management, production accounting, CRM, and more. By utilizing Odoo 4 Fashion's all-in-one solution, fashion brands can integrate all their business processes onto one platform, allowing data to be seamlessly shared across different departments. This leads to a streamlined workflow and increased efficiency..

Flexibility en adaptability

Fashion brands often have unique needs regarding collections, product variants, seasonality, and trends. Odoo 4 Fashion is renowned for its adaptability and flexibility. The system can be customized to meet the specific requirements of a fashion brand, whether it involves managing various collections, tracking seasonal changes, or implementing specific themes. 

Scalability and future-proofing

Odoo 4 Fashion is designed with scalability in mind, meaning it can easily adapt to the growth of a fashion brand. Whether expanding the product range, entering new markets, or increasing operational capacity, Odoo 4 Fashion can scale alongside the changing needs of the business. This makes it a future-proof choice for fashion brands aiming for long-term success.


Where is the added value of ODOO 4 FASHION?

Integrated Omnichannel Experience

Odoo 4 Fashion offers an all-in-one solution specifically tailored for retail, enabling fashion retailers to create a seamless omnichannel experience. With modules for inventory management, point-of-sale (POS), e-commerce, and CRM, retailers can integrate their physical stores, online shops, and other sales channels. This enables them to provide a consistent and personalized experience for customers, regardless of the channel they use.

Efficient inventory control

For fashion retailers, accurate inventory management is essential. Odoo 4 Fashion provides features for real-time inventory management, enabling retailers to have insight into their stock levels across various locations. This helps prevent overstocking or understocking and improves overall operational efficiency.

Powerful Analysis and Reporting

Odoo 4 Fashion provides advanced analytics tools that enable fashion retailers to gain deep insights into their sales performance, customer behavior, inventory turnover, and more. By utilizing these reporting features, retailers can identify trends, make forecasts, and make strategic decisions to grow their business. The ability to analyze data and quickly respond to market changes is crucial in the dynamic world of the fashion sector.

Increase the growth of your fashion business?

Odoo 4 Fashion 2024 offers a powerful set of tools to bring your items to customers faster, smarter, and in the most efficient way possible..