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Accomodata offers

complete IT services

in business software

We are a dynamic IT company. We install and maintain the most advanced business software.

Our mission is to help achieve the full potential of our customers by optimizing their business processes.

We implement and provide support for Odoo Enterprise, mainly at trade, retail, project oriented, service and manufacturing companies.

In five years, we have grown to become a premium Odoo Gold certified Partner in Belgium.

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Multi-disciplinary team work and getting things done

We believe our strenght lies in our project teams. Each team is composed of a variety of experts in different specializations. This guarantees an open and smooth communication with our clients. 

It's an approach that has been very successful in more than 100 Odoo Enterprise projects, carried our in recent years at Accomodata.

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"Companies embracing digitalisation see possibilities instead of risks"

How we do things

On time, on scope, on budget. 
The appropriate methodology for your project

Our successful implementations strengthen our belief in a customer-centric but structured approach to achieve all of the project objectives.

Small organisations often prefer to work hands-on, using module by module. And that's okay.

Larger and more complex organisations benefit from our project implementation method based on proven ERP methodologies. Projects are divided into stages, each with clear tasks and (partial) deliveries! All to keep a close eye to timing, scope and budget.   

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The power of digital marketing


  • We recently started 2mprove as a new subsidiary. Through 2mprove, with our groundbreaking view on digital marketing, websites and marketing automation, we provide extra value to all organisations that are working with Odoo.
  • 2mprove offers web development, digital marketing advice and marketing automation, using the Odoo platform.

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Corporate social responsability

At Accomodata we care about people. This is a vision we want to carry through and which we hold in high esteem.

Therefore we're determined to engage in one or more initiatives that lie close to our heart and that strive to decrease the gaps in our society. The projects we ttend to commit to support local communities by means of access to (higher) education, stimulating durable development and awareness of the ecological footprint; We believe that these initiatives do not only have a positive on the society but also contribute to our own growth and development as a company.